Zeynep Tosun

Patterns & Symbols

This is a shape of carnation. Each different color means something different: The white carnation means wedding, purity, pureness…




This is a shape of a fish, means lots, wealth and plentifulness.

…The red carnation means love, women, passion; The yellow carnation means warmth and love, the feeling when you feel loved..


This shape represents power, man, and strength.


The dark blue shapes here represent the man, and the red represents the women. The colors become together ; so its marriage. Marriage means lots of loved people together, celebration, small villages meeting together like a festival. After the marriage the women gives birth to a child and they become a family. The child always bring luck to a family, this is the belief of the people who lives in Turkey.



This diamond like shape means a village. Every small diamond shape inside is a single house and when they come together, is a village, crowded with people who lives together.


Clover flower meanings luck, wealth, many of goods things that are coming.


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