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Craftsmanship & Materials


Cultural Heritage

Zeynep Tosun regenerated a reputation for combining ethnic touches of Anatolian craftmanship with modern shapes and structures to create a ready-to-wear and couture collection on an international level.

Our strength is based on creating traditional craftmanship to a next level in every piece we make. We aim to shed light on Anatolian craftsmanship while bringing ethnic backgrounds and modern design understandings together. 


Silver Wire Breaking Technique

Besides using many different handicraft techniques originated from Anatolia, we can proudly say that we were the first and only one to use silver wire breaking  technique for clothing for many many years.

Mainly used for traditional small souvernir pieces or decorative tablecloths, silver wire breaking is a handicraft originating from Bartın, also known as Bartın Craft. We have many group of woman Artisans in Bartın which we are constantly working with.

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